7:  We will always do our best to help with any problems.  Our items do not currently come with a guarantee but rest assured all our products go through vigorous testing to make sure they can stand the general wear and tear of life.  You can expect our products to last as long as you would expect a standard; /t-shirt/ item of jewellery /candle/etc (delete as appropriate) to last.
6:  We offer free fittings and measuring with all custom clothing and shoe orders, this will be recommended in some cases and will not be deemed necessary in others. If measurements are not taken then we cannot always guarantee a perfect fit.  This will not be a problem with items such as jumpers and t-shirts but we recommend fittings for coats and shoes to get the best fit.  If you supply your own measurements we cannot be responsible if the item does not fit. 
5:  For custom orders we will quote a processing time.  We will always do our best to stick to this time span but as we are currently a small business when we are very busy orders can sometimes take longer than expected.  Please feel free to contact us if you would like an update on you order. 

4:  Products such as candles are all hand blended without machinery and using rescued waxes, colours and scents/essential oils.  This means that although your candle will burn as a normal candle; there can be inconsistencies in the scent strength throughout the burning of the candle.

1:  All our products are made of a mixture of materials.  Most of them are 100% upcycled but occasionally we need to buy thread or small items if we can’t rescue them or find them in thrift stores.   In this case we always try to buy from small or independent shops and businesses.

2:  Due to the fact that we use repurposed materials there may be some fading, discolouration or small marks on your product.  These will never be offensive but just in case you wondered why they were there, they are not damage but part of the charm of the item and there to remind you that it is much loved and happy to have a second lease of life. 

3:  All cases of uneven stitching or non-uniformity are intentional.  The item/s you have bought is/are handmade and slight imperfections are something that can occur.


Below are just some things we thought you ought to know about our products. 

Worldwide Shipping
Don't panic we do post abroad too.  Just drop us a message through the contact us page.


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