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This awesome little pony has been painted with a deep bluish purple acrylic paint and completely re-haired with psychedelic multi-coloured yarn. The eyes are the original pale/sky blue.

 These ponies are NOT toys but an adult collectors item. 

£25 free UK shipping

Bob Marley

This pony has a logo painted in the the iconic rastafarian colours and featuring one of his famous quotes 'Light up the Darkness'. The hair has been sculpted from polymer clay in the same colours. The main body is the original yellow and the eyes are the original brown.

These ponies are NOT toys but an adult collectors item.

£25 free UK shipping

Munny Nightlight


All our Munny customs are made using original kidrobot munny blanks. Nightlight munny has latticework cut into the hollow head and the head cavity filled with led lights.

The lattice work will have a series of animals or shapes cut into it, its always fun trying to find them all (you can request initials or a specific shape).

Your nightlight can be painted bronze (shown), copper, silver or gold. The lights can be red, white or multi coloured. The wire comes directly out of munny's foot and is cut flush so munny stands normally.

True to the name munny is meant to be used as a functional nightlight or party piece. Led lights don't heat up and can be left on for many hours or overnight.

Munny is NOT a toy but an adult collectors item. 

We will email you after purchase to confirm colours and personalisation's with you.

CLICK HERE to go to Munny's shop page where you can purchase munny.

William Stone Upcycled Goods 


This pony is painted a chocolate brown with acrylic paint and has been completely re-haired with silvery grey curls. The eyes are the original yellow. From the big brother range, this pony features awesome 'shire horse' molded feathered hooves.

Provisionally named, this pony has not yet had a logo painted on the rump, if you would like to request a name and logo then one can be custom added for no extra charge. Just message us after ordering.

THese ponies are NOT toys but an adult collectors item.

£25 free UK shipping

Custom vinyl toys

My Little Pony & Munny (kidrobot)

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