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More about the Bookshop - A piece of history

Hampton Charity Book Shop is run entirely by volunteers. The shop receives donations of books and magazines from the public which are sold on to raise money for charities.

About £5,000 is raised each year and the money is sent to local charities such as the Princess Alice Hospice, Teddington Memorial Hospital, The Shooting Star Children’s Hospice, Alzheimer’s Society, Kingston Cancer Unit and Guidedogs, to name just a few.

For many years the shop was leased to WHSmith by South West Trains and daily papers were served through a hatch on the station. When the lease expired a local couple took it over to raise funds for the building of Linden Hall. Having completed the Hall they thought it was a good idea to continue their good work and keep it open to raise further monies for charities and it has remained that way since.​

After -WS

Before -WS

William Stone also runs projects to support communities and charities. These projects are not for profit and will always be done with 90% upcycled materials. Often these materials are donated by you, our customer or are items that we are unable to upcycle into other products.

For example paints, wood, diy tools, metal and larger items that are in too good a condition to dismantle for upcycling, such as waste paper bins, chairs, and other homeware items.

Below you can see details and before and after pictures of our most recent undertaking. If you are interested in getting involved, or wish to nominate a charity or community area for an upcycled makeover, please email or message us.

Charity Bookshop - April 2015

Hampton Station Charity Bookshop

The bookshop has been open for 50 years and is staffed entirely by volunteers.  It has has struggled in the past but has always pulled through and remained open. It is also supported by local MP Dr Vincent Cable.

However after 50 years and a lot of cigarette smoke the bookshop was looking rather shabby so we decided to give it a much needed makeover. Check out the before and after pictures below and the bookshops own website: 


Community & Charity Projects

Not for profit Upcycling projects